Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wagons are overrated anyways

So I fell off the diet wagon as evidenced in my first blog post today. I climbed back on this morning and had every intention on staying on. I had lunch plans today with a women's group I meet with every other Tuesday. Some weeks there are just 2 of us and some weeks there are 10 of us. This week was supposed to be at a chinese place near my work. I had every intention of ordering something reasonably healthy.

So I arrive at the appointed time and pay the parking meter. I go inside and no one is there. Since I am not certain if we will have 1 other person or 10 I decide to wait outside until I see some other people. It is a beautiful day in the high 80's so it was nice to be outside. For about the first 5 minutes. Then I started to sweat. Of course I don't have phone numbers for any of the girls in the group since our communications are through email and at church. I wait, and wait and finally after waiting 15 minutes outside I decide I'm done waiting.

The lady that leads the group is notoriously late. Last time she didn't even show up but most weeks she is 15-20 minutes late sometimes later. I suppose I could have waited longer or gone inside and eaten by myself. But honestly I really don't care for the place and I don't want to pay for Chinese food I didn't want and tax and tip to eat by myself. So since I have already paid for parking and the only other places around are burger places, a burrito place, and a sandwich shop I decided to get a sandwich. (They are also more reasonably priced than the other options. I can get a 6 inch sandwich, chips and a drink for $5.50 and they are GOOD)

So that is the story of how I fell off the wagon again. I swear this story sounded better in my head when I was drafting the blog post on my way back from the sandwich shop. It always seems to lose a little something when translated from my brain to my fingers to the computer.


Erin said...

"It always seems to lose a little something when translated from my brain to my fingers to the computer."

LOL, same thing happens to me!

You should get in on this: http://www.onemomsworld.com/first-week-operation-spring-weight-off/

stacey said...

some days i feel like i am being dragged by the wagon!!

Amanda said...

I'm with you and Erin. I never sound as funny online as I do in my mind. Sigh.

And hey, I'm sorry your friends didn't show. I know how you like that group. Hopefully that's a one-time deal.

I think we should circle up our wagons and set them all ablaze. Anyone with me?

Haley said...

My posts are the same way, I'm not nearly as clever when I'm typing as I am in my head....*sighs* oh well.

Kori said...

I am so screwed is a six inch sand and chips is considered falling off the wagon! Ah, well, tomorrow is another day, right? : )