Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I rescued my package today from the evil clutches of the Post Office. I drove by on Tuesday and it didn't look terribly packed but unfortunately the parking lot is an illusion because its about 4 times the size of the post office. I walked in and the line was to the door. I may have cursed a little more loudly than under my breath and turned around and walked out. So today I set out with a plan. I left the office at 11 am to beat the lunch crowds. The line was not quite to the door today but it was still about 10-15 deep with 1 postal worker. There were six (I counted) counters but only one worker who was also handling the drive through.

I waited 10 minutes while she helped a woman who was apparently shipping each and every thing she owned individually around the country. Finally a man in the back office got off the phone and came up front and said he could help those that only needed to pick up a package. I got to be third in line in his line. By the time I walked out 20 minutes into my visit the original postal worker was on her second person in line. No lie. That is ridiculous.

It was worth it though. My winnings are fabulous ....

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog!
My son was born two weeks after yours last I feel your pain! All his pants look like unfortunate capris as well! Poor guy.
Anyway, glad you are funny - I like entertainment!

Cee said...

those are cute! I'm glad your postal adventure turned out well!

Marmarbug said...

Ugh. I hate the PO. It pisses me off more when I go to the store with my incessibly whiny 3 year old and instead of them using more than ONE line they have like 10 people working customer service. Um hello, open a damn register. Your not that important. You work at a GROCERY store. Kay?
Okay I am done.

jpandtheboys said...

I hate the post office for the reason that you just described. My mom teases me because if she ever gets anything in the mail from me she thinks it's darn near close to a miracle. I had to go to the post office last week to pick up a package as well. A product that I am reviewing and will be doing a giveaway for. So I was sooo excited to get it. I left my house for an hour one day to run an errand and of course it came then. So the note said to pick it up the next day after 9am. Our post office isn't the closest, and I did what I could to get both the babe and I there by 9:15. It's hard work to get both of you ready and out of the house at that time. So I get there and she tells me I should have been there before 9am and that it was on the truck to redeliver. I pointed out that the card isn't marked with redelivery and clearly states that I can pick it up after 9am. I was so mad because she kept trying to tell me otherwise. Finally she went and checked and it was there. Seriously though a lot of post workers seem to work slow. I am not trying to lump them all together but what should have been an easy pick (line was short) took me about 20 - 25 minutes because she wouldn't listen.