Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stop and Go

So I was on my way back to work from lunch today and I was running a little late. Near my work is a building with a road running through a parking lot. There is a stop sign but it is basically a one way stop because there is no where to go but right or park in the lot. I typically pause at the sign and continue on because there is no thru traffic. Well today there was an RV parked by the sign and cleverly parked beside that was a cop. You've heard of speed traps well apparently this is a running the stop sign trap.

I did pause but I didn't wait the full 2 seconds or whatever so he pulled me over. Right in the parking lot of the building across the street where I work. He gets all my information and goes back to his car and leaves me stewing there. OK there may have been a few tears. Mainly because I gave my husband a ton of crap about a ticket he got a few weeks ago (His 5 or 6th ticket he's had since we've been together) and now here I was going to have to eat crow.

The cop finally comes back and tells me that he is going to give me a warning. Apparently he also has the same birthday as me in the same year. How weird is that? Anyways he made a big deal out of how cool that was and gave me the upteenth warning about stopping fully and let me go. I'm still all freaked out by it. I don't do well with authority figures even if they are the same age as me. My heart starts pounding and my hands are shaking. Its been 20 minutes since I got back to work and my hands are still shaking. How sad is that? I guess a career path as a hardened criminal is not in the cards for me.


LL said...

Yay for getting out of the ticket!

But sorry for the confrontation - I've never been pulled over, but every time I see lights behind me my hands shake and my heart starts pounding. I have a feeling I wouldn't handle it well.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible trap! Don't cops have anything better to do then pull people over at useless stop signs?

Glad you got off with just a warning...are you still going to tell your husband? :-)

Haley said...

Well at least we know you won't be robbing any banks or anything in the future! :-) j/k

Glad everything turned out ok!