Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pinch me

It still really hasn't sunk in yet. It's still the weekend and I have been doing all my usual weekend things like grocery shopping, getting a pedicure, going to church, etc. I still feel like I need to get Bear's diaper bag ready and his bottles made up and labeled for daycare. I guess it won't feel real until tomorrow morning when I wake up and can just snuggle with Bear in our jammies instead of rushing around like a mad woman to get out of the house. Which is good because he is still under the weather. Every time I think he is doing better he throws up on me. Lovely. But at least I am not freaking out about how I am out of sick leave and wondering if the daycare will send him home tomorrow.


Monday (or at least what it looks like in my mind's eye):

I need to pinch myself.

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stacey said...

have a great week!!

Don Mills Diva said...

Very exciting - enjoy this first week!

Haley said...

Staying at home is a blast! Live it up, our babies grow too fast!

Marmarbug said...

Oh you are going to love it! Have fun and I hope the little guy is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're enjoying your return to SAHMommyhood!!!

Hope Bear is feeling better, too!!!

Ashley said...

yay!! What great news!