Friday, January 18, 2008


The daycare just called and Bear has a temperature of 101.7. I called my husband and he is on his way to get him. I actually wouldn't have minded leaving work early on a Friday especially since it is in the 30's and wet outside but my husband volunteered. It would be a perfect day for cuddling with my baby on the couch and catching up on my Tivo with a cup of hot chocolate. But alas, I am again almost out of sick leave. I have to take Bear for his one year checkup at the end of the month so I have to leave time for that.

I kept him home last Monday with a fever. We are actually doing slightly better than we did in the fall but I had really hoped he was turning a corner on this sickness stuff. And he is always sick on the weekends too. So we don't miss work but we miss church and birthday parties. Grrr....In the 6 months I have been back to work I think the longest he has gone in daycare without getting sick is 2 weeks. I'm about to make him his own little baby bubble suit.

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Becca said...

We are on the same two-week cycle of sick from daycare. And yes, it always seems to happen on the weekends! It's exhausting. Sometimes I think it would be ultimately cheaper (without all the copays, prescriptions, and Motrin) to get a nanny.