Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I cringe for you Philly

Last year was the 1st year I watched American Idol all the way through. I was big pregnant when it started, watched in the hospital was in preterm labor, then watched in during the 2 weeks he was in the NICU, and once he came home. My social life was pretty limited. Yet this year I find myself inexplicably drawn to it. Perhaps it is the writers strike or that as a working mom of a 1 year old my social life is still pretty limited on weeknights.

So tonight is the season premiere and 15 minutes in I already find myself cringing and wondering why I watch. Like when that poor tour guide got up and sang and Paula and Randy laughed through the entire song. Yes, he was bad but their behavior was even worse. I know it has to be very hard to sit through all those terrible singers but sometimes they are just mean.It is even worse when people cry. Ack, that gets me every time. I guess thats what keeps people coming back to watch season after season. If they don't end the writers strike soon I am going to be forced to find a new hobby.

Who I am I kidding? What else do I have to watch on Tuesday and Wednesday nights while I surf the web? The news?


newduck said...

I'm just discovering your blog via a post you left on my blog, and I love it! I'm bookmarking and blogrolling it. (Is "blogrolling" a word?) I need more people like you telling me that I WILL SLEEP after the baby is born, and there will be some relief in the pregnancy finally being over. So thanks!

She Likes Purple said...

The writers really, really need to think about us socially challenged. WE DEPEND ON THEM.