Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just call me Mrs. Baird

I got a breadmaker for Christmas with my Christmas money. It was pretty inexpensive. When it came in on Monday I immediately rushed out and purchased bread flour and yeast. My 1st loaf came out pretty well. The end was sunken in a little bit but it tasted good. I got up Saturday morning and since I was in a rush I decided to make a loaf on express bake which bakes in an hour vs 4 hours. It wasn't pretty. Apparently with express bake the water needs to be hot in order for the yeast to rise. I ended up with a doughy nasty ball.

Yesterday I made my third loaf. I did a herb bread and I am proud to say it turned out beautifully. Third time is a charm. We enjoyed it today with my Shrimp and Feta Cheese Pasta , which is turning into one of our favorite dishes.

I also made Shannon's, from Tales of a Misguided Mommy, coconut macaroons and they were fantastic. You should ask her for the recipe. I've been sworn to secrecy but if she doesn't know you in real life she will email it to you. Something about keeping the corner on the local Christmas cookie market. All very hush hush.


SLynnRo said...

Ah,this makes me nostalgic for my youth, when my parents had a bread make and I had the metabolism that would allow me to eat an entire loaf of fresh bread for dinner.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh yum. I bet it smells and tastes heavenly, and oh the many kinds you can make!

Misguided Mommy said...

your shit cracks me up! i talked to ginger after you said you needed to cook em longer and she told me that while i wasn't looking that day she had decided to bump the oven up to 350 to help them cook noooow you know the secret!