Friday, January 11, 2008

Grr...and Argh!

Lately I have been frustrated by somethings going wrong around the house and just life in general. This week we have had a leaking hot water heater, a light switch that was hooked up incorrectly which fried our garbage disposal, and problems with a savings account we tried to open. We called the garbage disposal people who said they would replace it since it is under warranty but we have to pay the labor for the guy to come out. The labor costs more than the disposal not to mention the inconvenience of scheduling the guy to come out. So we decided just to bite the bullet and buy a new one which my husband is trying to replace now. He is very much the handyman but every job comes with its unique frustrations not to mention the 3 trips to Home Depot we made this week in fixing this and the hot water heater and the cost of all the parts.

Then we have the whole bank issue. I decided to open a bank account with an online bank that I already do business with. I gave them all the information to open the account Dec. 3rd and mailed them the deposit check. And then I waited and waited. A month later the check still hasn't cleared and I haven't gotten anything from them. No call, no email, no letter, nothing. So I call today and ask what the deal is. They guy explains that they cancelled my new account. Apparently there was a discrepancy on my social security number or maybe it was my address. Can I please fax them a copy of my social security card? WTF?!! I explain as nicely as I can that I already have an account with them so they already have this information and by the way "where is my deposit check I sent?" This is not a piddly $25.00 check. This is a chunk of my savings. He isn't sure but he can have his business office look into it and call me. I'm freaking out a little here. I send them this check and they don't call me, email me, write me explaining that they cancelled my account because they have a discrepancy and oh by the way we have your check "somewhere"? Like I'm going to fax you idiots my social security card?

Grrr...They have just lost my business for sure and if they don't find my check or send me a check for the cost of cancelling the check I am filing a complaint with the BBB.

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She Likes Purple said...

I'd cancel that check!

I'm sorry. I hope the weekend brings less headaches and more sunshine :)