Thursday, January 3, 2008

Going Bananas?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Bear may be allergic to bananas. I've had this suspicion for the last few months but always doubted myself. I've read all the sites about what to feed your child and when and most mention bananas as one of the early foods to try. It doesn't seem to be a big red flag allergy item like nuts or milk. And Bear's symptoms aren't severe by any means. I've been doing my research on my trusty friend, Google, and there isn't a whole lot said on banana allergies. It does say that some people with ragweed allergies can show banana senstivities same with people who have latex allergies. I am allergic to ragweed and my sister is to latex.

Basically when he eats bananas he breaks out in a rash on his cheeks. And he seems to have a little stomach upset. Or so I think. I don't know if I only notice these things when he is eating bananas and I am being unfairly baised. I quit feeding him bananas a few weeks ago and I haven't seen those symptoms with any other foods. Yesterday at daycare they gave him two jars of bananas during the day along with his cereal and when he came home he has bright red chapped, rashy cheeks in addition to loose bowels and a nasty raw bottom. I believe this confirms my suspicions but I could be wrong. The raw bottom could just be from the fact that he had a loose bowel movement and the raw chapped cheeks could be from the fact that it is cold outside and he has been drooling a lot lately.

I guess my question for you, dear internets, is whether any of you have seen this same thing happen with you or your kids? No one in my family has had food allergies so this is all new to me. I plan on bringing it up at Bear's one year checkup at the end of the month but I thought I would query you in the meantime. I also asked the daycare providers to stop giving him bananas until further notice. I guess I will wait and see if the red rashy cheeks and the raw bottom continue even after they stop feeding him bananas.

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WendyB said...

Having no child, all I can say is that you can read the scariest stuff when Googling symptoms! I'm trying to not do that anymore.