Saturday, January 12, 2008

Looking up

The hot water heater is fixed. The garbage disposal is replaced. One light switch is fixed and my husband is going to work on the other. My Mom called on my way to get my hair done today and volunteered to pay for Bear's birthday cakes. That helps a lot right there. I went and ordered a 1/2 sheet cake and the little baby cake today at Kroger. I took the napkins I picked out and they are going to do some zoo animals on the cake to match.

My parents also booked our yearly trip to Florida today. We are debating on driving or flying. Neither is a terribly exciting prospect to me. Taking a tiny jet with a baby in my lap for 2 hours and all of his gear sounds not very pleasant. Not to mention I hate airports with the fire of a 1000 suns. The security, checking my bags, losing my bags, the new security restrictions, tiny airplane seats. Pretty much the only thing I don't hate is the actual flying. But driving there with a baby doesn't sound very pleasant either. I don't know. I am really looking forward to the trip though as we didn't get to go to the last two years.

Either way, things are starting to look up.

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She Likes Purple said...

What part of Florida?

So glad things are looking up!