Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothing to see here

I have been busily entertaining myself (aka frantically typing like my life depended on it) by signing up for the giveaways hosted by Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer. My site meter is going a little wonky at due to the throng of people flocking to my site to sign up for my Sephora gift card. I have way more response this time than I did with the Fall Y'all giveaway. I don't know if its because the prize is better or that there are more participants. Maybe its just that we have all been crazed by greed at the sight of all that free stuff.

Besides that life is going along as usual. We survived the weekend of guests, cooking, and cleaning. The housekeepers came yesterday and scrubbed away the last of the errant icing from the kitchen floor. The highchair has been hosed off outside and its cushion has been washed. We are having another couple over on Thursday to watch the Season Premiere of Lost and if the show wasn't so great I would probably be ashamed of how excited I am about this. We have several friends coming over Sunday to watch the Superbowl. I think this is our punishment for having the best floor plan for entertaining and the biggest TV. Damn you karma.

It will be fun but after this I am retiring from the hostess business for a bit. Drinking beer and cooking at same time is not only tiring but possibly dangerous. For the food and for me. I have been invited to an out of town baby shower in February and I'm not sure if I am up to going. Then I have another baby shower in March and another friend just announced his wife is pregnant and due in September. We just went through this baby shower spurt 2 years ago when they had their first babies and now round two is upon us. My next door neighbor is due on Feb 6th. Soon people will begin asking us when we will be having another. I hope soon but we'll have to see how the finances look. Definitely not until after my vacation in May. I refuse to ride 10 hours in the car pregnant. I do not travel well while pregnant.


Melissa~ said...

{shhhh...don't tell, but hubby and I are super excited about LOST too.}

Pink Paper Peppermints

Anonymous said...

I've come for nothing but a peek inside, to thank you for dropping by and entering my fray, and to serve notice that I'll be reading from now on!