Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A question of equality

I typically try to avoid political discussions on my blog because so many of the bloggers I love to read lean far to the left of me. I wasn't always conservative. I even voted for Gore in 2000. My husband still gives me hell about that even though I didn't know him at the time. I'm not particularly thrilled I voted for Bush in 2004 but that's neither here nor there. The I like Mike icon on my sidebar seems to magically have appears along with the bumper sticker and yard sign. Whatever.

That all aside, I was reading my Work It Mom blog today and Nataly brought up an interesting topic of discussion. A point I have already discussed with my husband on numerous occasions. He keeps teasing me that once I get into the voting booth my current conservative ideals will fly right out the window and I will vote for Hilary solely based on the fact that she is a woman. Nataly brought up in her blog this morning that exact question. Should she vote for Hillary just because she is a woman? You can go and read her post here and let her know your opinion.

Of course, I was the first one to hop on and answer her question. I just cannot see myself voting for someone purely based on gender any more than I could pick my husband purely based on the color of his hair. It may be a selling point but it is not something I am going to base an extremely important decision on that could affect my entire life. The president appoints Supreme Court justices, signs bills into law, represents us to forigen countries and I am supposed to pick her because she pees sitting down? Seriously? Just because a woman has never been president doesn't mean I am going to pick the first one that comes down the line with a serious chance of winning.

You should pick the best man or woman for the job in my opinion. The person who best represents your view on issues and you feel will do a good job. Now I am not 100% in agreement with any one candidate and often voting is looked at as choosing the lesser of two evils. But, I have to draw the line in the sand here. We are never going to achieve any kind of equality if we continue to push for one person over another based on anything other than their skills, character, and perhaps likeability. I want the person who gets the job done. A person who makes the best decision in the face of adversity. Not the person who looks the most like me.

I am not perfect. I do have baises that are ingrained from childhood. But I at least try to look past those and try to make the most objective decision I can. It appalls me that anyone would consider doing anything different. You aren't helping prove a point on inequality by perpectuating the cycle just in a different direction.

Do you think I am crazy? Should you vote for someone or hire someone just to break a glass ceiling so to speak?


She Likes Purple said...

No. You should vote for someone whose stand on issues most closely matches your own. Someone you think will do a good job, will leave the place better than they found it and will pave the way for our children to leave in less fear than we now live in.

With that said, I do like Hillary (and loved Gore) and I think regardless if she wins or not, it's an exciting time in our history and if you don't vote for her (and make an informed decision to vote for someone you find better suited) than you can still appreciate that this is a huge election, and it's exciting that our country realizes something new and never been done before is at least one option.

Denora said...

I wouldn't vote for a woman for President just because she's a woman, for the same reasons I wouldn't vote for a man just because he's a man. Their view on issues, their carriage and demeanor, and their ability to lead are what I look for. Should Clinton be President because she's a woman? No. Should Obama be President because he's African American? No.

I also find it very interesting that people call her Hilary, and every other candidate by their last name. Huckabee, Obama, Edwards, et all. (I'm not targeting you, specifically. I mean the media, mainly) Should her being a woman enable people to treat her differently? That bothers me some.

SLynnRo said...

I wouldn't vote for a woman for the sake of voting for a woman. I'm still deciding how I feel about her. I have to admit, I have trouble respecting a woman that would stay in a relationship with a man like Bill Clinton (thoughts on whether or not he was a good president aside) just because I can't imagine allowing myself to be disrespected like that. I also kind of hate the idea that the first woman president would be a former first lady, who is not entirely there on her own merit. These things wouldn't stop me from voting for Hilary, but I do think about them.